Board of Directors

Chris Gegen
Executive Director

Mike Britt

Jack English

Frank Patterson

Frank Patterson

Don Smith

Nancy Hall

Mariella Romero

Kevin Holder

Kevin Holder

Russ Jamieson

Drew Pearson

Josh Dempsey

Josh Dempsey

Brian Wray

Amanda Trice Lucey

Jeff Shipman

Who We Are

Media Education Foundation of Georgia

The Media Education Foundation of Georgia is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating awareness for media education and promoting careers in the media (film, broadcast, video, web) industries. Established in 2010, MEFGA connects industry professionals, trade associations and the education system of Georgia. As a 501 c3 nonprofit organization we rely on support from private industry. All contributions/donations are tax deductible, but more importantly, they are an investment in the workforce of tomorrow.